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More than just a conference.
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The international Congress of Integrative Medicine represents the coming together of the most prominent world authorities in the field of integrative functional medicine. Every year since 2019 we gather in Porto to discuss the latest scientific advances regarding current medical challenges. This year’s theme is Integrative Oncology.

Due to the constant growth of our congress, we will be moving into a larger venue, and thus, expanding the reach and impact of our event. Dedicated to catalyzing advances in Cancer treatment and prevention, we expect to host around 60 world class lecturers, 1200 participants and over 100 companies (exhibitors)



Exponor - Porto, PT

Dra. Ana Moreira
Presidente da SPMI

Dr. Johann Lechner

Position: Osteoimmunology
Categories: Oradores 2024


Neglected silent inflammation in the jawbone activates the CCL5/CCR5 axis in breast cancer

Breast cancer (BC) is a leading cause of death in women worldwide.
Chemokines such as CCL5 help tumours to shape the inflammatory
microenvironment. Overall, chronic inflammation is an important factor in
tumour progression. There are numerous studies showing the importance of the CCL5-CCR5 axis activated in the context of breast cancer.

The author links this knowledge to what happens in the case of CCL5
overexpression in bone marrow defects and fatty degenerated osteonecrosis of the jaw (BMDJ/FDOJ) in breast cancer patients. Poor wound healing in the jawbone with increased production of CCL5 strongly suggests a crucial role for CCL5 in BC.

– Could the underestimated BMDJ/FDOJ harbour this “silent CCL5-expressing
– Thus, could BMDJ/FDOJ contribute to the epistemology of BC from the perspective of osteoimmune interactions?

Clinical cases of the author`s clinic demonstrate that elevated levels of CCL5 derived from the mishealed BMDJ/FDOJ areas that act as reservoirs of CCL5 and qualify as a comorbidity in BC epistemology. As a conclusion reduction of CCL5 expression in BMDJ/FDOJ bone marrow defects by “Jawbone Detox®” is a contribution to BC in therapy or prevention.

Unfortunately overexpression of CCL5 in BMDJ/FDOJ is poorly visualized by radiographic techniques, whereas it is easily detected by intraoral ultrasound of jawbone density.

CV Resumido

Dr.Dr.(PhD) Johann Lechner is since 1980 head of Clinic for Integrative Dentistry/Munich as Dentist and Naturopath. He published 21 scientific papers hitherto on Integrative Dentistry in PubMed indexed journals https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Lechner+Johann
which are accessed by more than 150.000 of dental and medical professionals worldwide. This research is cited in 71 other scentific papers. He published books on Integrative Oral Medicine in German, English, Chinese and Portugese. In his seminars, he emphasizes clinical features of bone research, chronic inflammation and heavy metal load in jawbone and systemic interference. He is the founder of ICOSIM (International College of Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology www.icosim.de ) and developer and patent holder of radiation-free measurement of bone density by ultrasonography CaviTAU® (www.cavitau.de). He also brought the volatile sulfur indicator OroTox on root fillings (www.orotox.de) to the market to control endodontic success or failure. Numerous lectures at international congresses, universities and medical organizations (i.e. Europe, USA, UK, Brasil, China, Thailand).


Neglected silent inflammation in the jawbone activates the CCL5/CCR5 axis...

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Prof. Dr. Massimo Bonucci

Position: Integrative Oncology
Categories: Comité científico, Oradores 2024


Integrative Oncology

CV Resumido

– Massimo Bonucci, M.D.
– Surgical Pathology- ORCHIDEA Lab in ROME
– Integrative Oncology Department – NUOVA VILLA CLAUDIA HOSPITAL – Rome
– Outpatient Oncology Department -VILLA ANNA MARIA Hospital – Rome
– Outpatient Oncology Department and Hyperthermia – VILLA BENEDETTA Hospital – Rome
– Founder and President Foundation ARTOI (Association Research for Integrative Oncology Therapy)
– Member of S.I.O. (American Society for Integrative Oncology)
– Co-chair SIO Global Committee
– Member of International Clinical Hyperthermia Society – Italian Network
– Member of International Association of Pathology – S.I.A.P.E.C. – Italian Division
– Member International Exchange Commission Order of Physicians of Rome
– Member of Medicine and Surgery Department – UniverSalus University Consortium – Rome
– Director of Integrative Oncology postgraduate program – UniverSalus University Consortium – Rome
– Visiting Professor Zhejiang Chinese Medical University – Hongzhou – China

Short Biography

Massimo Bonucci M.D. Member of Surgical Pathology ORCHIDEA Lab. in Rome. He is a member of IAP (International Academy of Pathology-Italian Division) and focused his work on breast cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer and colon cancer. He introduced and developed integrative medicine in cancer in Italy. Medical Oncologist works as Director Integrative Oncologist at Villa Benedetta, Tiberia Hospital, and Villa Anna Maria Hospitals in Rome. Medical Researcher “Integrative Oncology” at S. Andrea University Hospital in Rome. Founder and President of Foundation ARTOI (Association Research Integrative Oncology Therapy), a non-profit organization, the first in Italy to explain and develop Integrative medicine in cancer. He is a Professor at Humanitas University Consortium in Rome. Teacher on Master in Integrative Oncology at Sapienza University. Member of the International Exchange Commission Order of Physicians of Rome. Member of International Clinical Hyperthermia Society – Italian Network. Advisor of S.I.I.O. He is a Visiting Professor at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hongzhou, China. As a member of the SIO for many years, he became co-chair of the SIO Global Committee and SIO Ambassador for Italy.

Integrative Oncology

President of the ARTOI Foundation - Researcher Integrative Oncology S....

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Dr. Sebastjan Perko

Position: Functional Integrative Medicine
Categories: Congresso Dentistry 2024, Oradores 2024


Bridging Specialties: The Role of Dental Practices in Comprehensive Cancer Treatment

The integration of root-cause analysis methods in dental practices is critical for enhancing patient care, particularly for cancer prevention and management. This scientific approach highlights the significant role of oral health in systemic disease, emphasizing its impact on cancer pathways. Dental interventions that prioritize cellular health can improve systemic outcomes and influence oncology patient care.

Oral-systemic health interconnectivity is crucial, with dental pathologies potentially serving as precursors or accelerators of oncological processes. Research illustrates that oral microbes and associated inflammatory responses can propagate systemic inflammation, affecting distant organ systems and modulating cancer risk and progression. The use of medical devices aimed at enhancing cellular health, combined with dietary and lifestyle modifications, represents a holistic strategy in dental care to mitigate these risks.

Holistic dental practice, encompassing a multidimensional health perspective, stresses the significance of oral health in systemic disease management, including cancer. This perspective necessitates a shift in dental professional roles towards integrated healthcare, positioning them as essential contributors to systemic health and cancer treatment.

Dental practices are pivotal in the holistic health framework, addressing the oral systemic health nexus to facilitate comprehensive patient care and support cancer prevention and treatment efforts. This approach underlines the importance of dental health in the broader context of systemic disease management and oncological care.

CV Resumido

– DDS, PhD and CEO at Maha Integrative Medicine & Ustna Medicina
– Biological Dentistry
– Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
From an early age, I developed a strong affinity for nature and a deep respect for the well-being of
living organisms. These values, including the importance of clean water, a healthy environment, and
the sanctity of life, have been integral to my character, requiring no persuasion or elaborate reasoning.
Even during my high school years, I was determined to pursue a career in caring for people and their
physical health. Over the years, my experiences have exposed me to diverse cultural and medical
perspectives, while active participation in conferences has broadened my scientific insights beyond
local boundaries. Valuing personal health and well-being greatly, I have actively contributed to the
development of the holistic dentistry concept at the Maha Clinic since 2013. This endeavor aligns with
my enduring childhood inclinations and complements the comprehensive approach of the Maha
Center and the nutritional focus of Maha Bistro, all collectively dedicated to fostering a healthy future
for individuals. My academic journey started at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, complemented by
in-depth research on dental materials during my doctoral work at the International Postgraduate
School of the Jožef Stefan Institute. This research culminated in the development of a groundbreaking
bioactive mixture, certified and introduced to the dental profession just before the global pandemic.
Through these experiences and my exposure to traditional medical systems, I have adeptly combined
traditional and modern approaches to optimize health outcomes. I am grateful for the support of my
mentors and colleagues, as well as the contributions of our international partners, notably in
Switzerland, whose long-standing commitment to similar healthcare practices serves as a continual
source of inspiration and collaboration.

Functional Integrative Medicine

Bridging Specialties: The Role of Dental Practices in Comprehensive Cancer...

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Dra. Ana Moreira

Position: President of SPMI
Categories: Oradores 2024


Regenerative Medicine “for real”

As novidades científicas trazidas pela MI que permitem aos seres humanos ser « melhor »longevos…


– Licenciada em Medicina.

President of SPMI

The watch of Cancer: the wheelwork

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