Dr. Claude Dalle | 4th International Congress of Integrative Medicine
ICIM 2023...

Dr. Claude Dalle

Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Anti aging


News of the Future of Anti Aging Medicine

This type of medicine is following the full medical revolution, began with medecine type 2 and going at an increasingly speed on medicine type 3 with AI. the evolutions are a conjugaison of genomics, metabomomics, imagery, advanced physiology, immunotherapy. hyper personnalied medicine is going on, medicine in silo has gone, and doctors should adapt and change and
modify their mindset rapidly. the vue is an organ speaking map of the human body, without forgetting the neurosciences, diving depper and deeper in brain mecanisms and molecular level, making the tradiotionnal psychiatry revolutionned/



– These 1982 (Paris).(& diplomas in Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Anti aging);

– Passionnated by longévity processes. endocrinology, epigenetic;

– International Speaker and lecturer in Anti-Aging Medicine, since 1994. (more than 100 congresses around the world);

– Member of the European Academy of Sciences;

– Director of the Preventiv & Anti Aging University Diploma Paris (DUMAA);

– In charge of courses in the French University of Medicine Paris V (Descartes)(Anti –Aging & Aesthetic Medicine), Paris Mondor (DUTIC) Dijon University (nutritional diploma), Berlin (European Master in Preventive Medicine), Milan (stress department Medical University), Nimes…

– President of WOSIAM.- Président of the French Society of Anti Aging Médecine.

– Président of the European Society of Active Aging.

– Vice-President European Association on Integrative Medicine

– Scientific Director of congresses.
Scientific director of the AMWC (Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress)
Cofounder of Upcare (Start up on stress management, médical virtual reality)
cofounder of DMBG (start-up on metformin applications)
Consultant for Aesthetic Companies (Chanel, Clarins, Lierac…)
Contributing to Medical Patents.
Scientific Advisor of Zoi.


– « Practical Guide in Anti-Aging Medicine » ed Thierry Souccar

– ” Anti Aging : the guide » (for practionners only) ed. Margeride

– ” Young at 50’ ” ed Thierry Souccar

– « Pollution and hormones » (2009) ed Margeride

– ” skin & age ” (2010 )

– « fat & adipocytes » (2011) ed Margeride

– « the diet by nutrigenetics » (2011) ed Romart

– « the regimen about fifty » ed Alpen (2011)

– « from man to man » ed Lafon. (2012)

– « andropause ; after 49 y old your ticket is always available » T.Souccar editions 2016

– « aesthetic & anti-aging » in 2014.

the guide of biological analysis . Alpen 2014.
Unlocking the Lifespan. Amazon (Kindle or Paper)2020.