Dr. Daniel Beillin OMD | 4th International Congress of Integrative Medicine
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Dr. Daniel Beillin OMD


Controlling Regenerative Therapy Progress by Deep Surfeillance of Direct Projections from the Autonomic Nervous System by Regulation Thermography (AlfaSight) and Darkfield Blood Microscopy

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Dr. Daniel Beilin was born in Los Angeles and has practiced complementary medicine for 35 years. He has a neurophysiology, gastroenterology and herbal pharmacology background. His first scientific endeavor included his own designed laboratory research at the UCLA Brain Research Institute, studying evoked potentials in the brain at the age of 16. Dr. Beilin has been recognized for his teaching and education on early detection of women’s cancers by dynamic thermometry analysis methods and testified before the U.S. Congress bringing this possibility to the forefront, as well as importing 3 complementary methods from Europe to North America (Electrodermal Devices, Darkfield Hematology and Regulation Thermography). From his website, www.fortifyhealth.com, he provides consultation services to help those who feel the causes of their symptoms are not being fully addressed by conventional methods or services. Dr. Beilin outlines strategies for patients to help overcome diseases and dysfunctions using non-toxic dietary modifications, life style changes and herbal supplementation, at the same time raising awareness for emotionally co-created disorders. Dr. Beilin focuses on causal factors in disease, often neglected and responsible for recurrence of many disorders including cancer. Dr. Beilin plays violin, practices yoga, meditation and the martial arts. “Medicine today is only as effective as its understanding of natural and biochemical laws. It has yet to create a greater emphasis on building optimum health to whole-body systems (interactions and interstitial influences created by organ and tissue metabolism) that are in the initial or moderate stages of failure.” Dr. Beilin’s experience in academic medical research and applications (UCLA and UC Davis – Neurology and Gastroenterology) created over 20 peer-reviewed articles in Journals such as Stroke and Endoscopy, as he also invented an injection catheter system now used routinely in endoscopy (sclerotherapy). Dr. Beilin has also created several nutritional supplements including the antidepressant “Well Mind” produced today by Allergy Research Group, as Dr. Beilin was the first to publish and gain recognition for the herb St. John’s Wort, from which came its use today as a potential natural replacement to antidepressants. Dr. Beilin has lectured for famous personalities such as Anthony Robbins, Joseph Mercola, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., William Rea, M.D., Hans Nieper, M.D. and Jonathan Wright, M.D.. His patients have included well-known personalities as Jane Seymour and Stevie Wonder.