Dr. Elio Giovanni Rossi | 6th International Congress of Integrative Medicine
ICIM 2024...

Dr. Elio Giovanni Rossi

Short Biography

Graduated with honors in Medicine at the University of Milan in 1979. Specialized in Infectious Diseases, began practicing homeopathy in 1979. Member of Homeopathia Europea since 1984. Lecturer at the Mario Garlasco homeopathic school in Florence, accredited in 2012 by Tuscany Region (ex LR n.7/2009) and lecturer of Master course on Integrative oncology University “La Sapienza” Rome (2020-24). Fellow of the Faculty of Homoeopathy of London (FFHom) since 1991. Scientific director of the journal Medicina Integrata. Since 1998 till 2023 Director of Complementary Medicine Outpatient Clinic – Hospital of Lucca, Regional Referral Center for Homeopathy. Former head of CM in Oncology Clinic since 2013. Advisor for CAM projects in international cooperation programs of UNOPS (United Nations) since 1999 and consultant of ART/UNDP Geneve-Bruxelles. Scientific reference of Tuscan Region of the chapter Complementary and alternative medicine in cancer care of the WP7 “Healthcare” of the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer (EPAAC). Member of the Quality Assurance Scheme Development Group of the European Initiative on Breast Cancer. Co-president of the 5th European Congress of Integrative Medicine and of the 2nd World Congress of Integrative Medicine and Health, Rome 2023. Currently Director of the Regional Centre for Integrated Medicine of the Region of Tuscany (CRMI) which includes 84 public complementary medicine clinics.