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Dr. Ivan Ibañez

Anti-Aging Medicine


Clinical Preconditioning for StemCells

In tissue transplants and in particular autologous stem cells, one of the main
problems is the poor capacity to survive of the transplanted cells due the change in environment of unusual place. In addition, the final implantation zone is an altered tissue with low blood flow, oxygen and nutrients. On the other hand, the concept of hormesis refers to the beneficial adaptations that living beings have to make in order to survive in terms of harmful situation. Many studies have been shown a “hormetic effect” of our cells; a low stimulation dosis could have a beneficial effect, and a high dose causes inhibitory or toxic effect.

Preconditioning is an emerging therapeutic strategy that consists of small dosis of harmful agent that the body can accept (hormetic doses) that prepares us to be able to withstand more serious situations by creating more resistant organisms. Vaccins, physical exercise, intermittent fasting, intermittent hypoxiahyperoxia are some examples.

Using this concept, we have created a preconditioning program for patients who are candidates for stem cells transplantation, with that, the stem cells are more resistant in different environments and with nutrient deficiency, so we can increase their survival and improve the viability and efficiency of the stem cells therapy.

Lately, a prescription of senolytic supplement has been incorporated into
preconditioning to reduce the number of senescent stem cells.

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CV Resumido

– Graduated as Medical Doctor (University Autonoma of Barcelona) 2003.
– Specialist in AntiAging Medicine (University of Charleroi, Belgium).
– Graduated in Advanced Studies (Dpt. of Physiology, Barcelona University).
– Master in Experimental Biology (University of Barcelona).
– Master in Physical Exercise and Rehabilitation (University of Canarias).
– President of ESCAR “European Society of Calorimetry & Respirometry”.
– Certificated for ISSCA “International Society for Stem Cells Application”.
– Medical director of CardioSport “Cardiometabolic & Longevity Medicine”.
– Responsible of Nutritional & Longevity Medicine Clínica Planas, Barcelona.
– Prof. & Director of AntiAging & Longevity Medicine Master (University of Barcelona).