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Dr. Johann Lechner



Neglected silent inflammation in the jawbone activates the CCL5/CCR5 axis in breast cancer

Breast cancer (BC) is a leading cause of death in women worldwide.
Chemokines such as CCL5 help tumours to shape the inflammatory
microenvironment. Overall, chronic inflammation is an important factor in
tumour progression. There are numerous studies showing the importance of the CCL5-CCR5 axis activated in the context of breast cancer.

The author links this knowledge to what happens in the case of CCL5
overexpression in bone marrow defects and fatty degenerated osteonecrosis of the jaw (BMDJ/FDOJ) in breast cancer patients. Poor wound healing in the jawbone with increased production of CCL5 strongly suggests a crucial role for CCL5 in BC.

– Could the underestimated BMDJ/FDOJ harbour this “silent CCL5-expressing
– Thus, could BMDJ/FDOJ contribute to the epistemology of BC from the perspective of osteoimmune interactions?

Clinical cases of the author`s clinic demonstrate that elevated levels of CCL5 derived from the mishealed BMDJ/FDOJ areas that act as reservoirs of CCL5 and qualify as a comorbidity in BC epistemology. As a conclusion reduction of CCL5 expression in BMDJ/FDOJ bone marrow defects by “Jawbone Detox®” is a contribution to BC in therapy or prevention.

Unfortunately overexpression of CCL5 in BMDJ/FDOJ is poorly visualized by radiographic techniques, whereas it is easily detected by intraoral ultrasound of jawbone density.

CV Resumido

Dr.Dr.(PhD) Johann Lechner is since 1980 head of Clinic for Integrative Dentistry/Munich as Dentist and Naturopath. He published 21 scientific papers hitherto on Integrative Dentistry in PubMed indexed journals https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Lechner+Johann
which are accessed by more than 150.000 of dental and medical professionals worldwide. This research is cited in 71 other scentific papers. He published books on Integrative Oral Medicine in German, English, Chinese and Portugese. In his seminars, he emphasizes clinical features of bone research, chronic inflammation and heavy metal load in jawbone and systemic interference. He is the founder of ICOSIM (International College of Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology www.icosim.de ) and developer and patent holder of radiation-free measurement of bone density by ultrasonography CaviTAU® (www.cavitau.de). He also brought the volatile sulfur indicator OroTox on root fillings (www.orotox.de) to the market to control endodontic success or failure. Numerous lectures at international congresses, universities and medical organizations (i.e. Europe, USA, UK, Brasil, China, Thailand).