Dr. Ralf Oettmeier | 4th International Congress of Integrative Medicine
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Dr. Ralf Oettmeier



Importance of environmental toxins in the holistic treatment of cancer patients

The most sustainable result on cancer we can reach by treating the deep causative factors. A very important role plays in this scope the problem with environmental toxicity. The toxic exposure comes from all fields of life like food, agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dental materials and much more. According ATSDR a lot of scientific knowledge is available and influencing the diagnostic and therapeutic efforts (Health effects of exposure to subtances). We have analysed the load of toxic metals, pesticides, insecticides, PCB, solvent and halogenated hydrocarbons on 52 patients suffering from different cancerous diseases. 

Many of the analysed elements belong to the group of carcinogenic substance and/or endocrine disrupters.Using targeted therapeutic measures to detox (infusions, oral program and INUSpheresis®) we were able to demonstrate the high significant reduction of all parameters by laboratory control analysis. Many patients reported about reduction of cancer size and symptoms and have shown stable disease, partial and in two cases complete remission (without other oncological tumor-destructive therapy). We will illustrate the findings by demonstrating some impressive case reports.

Summing up this findings, we underline the importance to involve the problem with toxicity into the basic guidelines of holistic cancer treatment.


  • – Born 1.3.1961 in Hirschberg/Saale.
  • – Medical studying at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Germany).
  • – Recognition consultant Orthopedics (1992).
  • – Additional designations: Homeopathy, Chiro-therapy, Natural healing methods, Special Pain Treatment, Acupuncture, Diagnostics and Therapy after F.X. MAYR, Integrative Biological Cancer Medicine, Master of Acupuncture, Expert of Neural therapy.
  • – 1993 – 2014: working in own outpatient department at Greiz with the focus on reflex therapies, homeopathy and special pain treatment.
  • – 2001 – 2014: leading head physician in the Clinic „im LEBEN“ (Comprehensive Center for biological Cancer Medicine, Diagnostic and Therapy after F.X. MAYR, Natural Medicine, special Pain Treatment and Homeopathy) at Greiz.
  • – Leading Doctor at the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle (Switzerland), from 2014 till 2017.
  • – Leading doctor and Chief Medical Director of the Alpstein Clinic in Gais (near Appenzell), Swiss Excellence Center for Biologic-Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, starting 2018.
  • – Considerable activities of seminars and presentations in the fields of Biological Medicine, textbook author, a lot of publications.
  • – Particular focuses and interests: Promotion of holistic medicine in all fields and its integration in our society, advanced education of medical persons and interested laymen, biological cancer medicine and preventive medicine, further development of systemic procaine therapy, dark field microscopy, integration of organ cell and stem cell treatment quality management in biological medicine, promotion of co-operation between all kinds of holistic working medical persons, national and international networking.