Dr. Sebastjan Perko | 6th International Congress of Integrative Medicine
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Dr. Sebastjan Perko

Functional Integrative Medicine


Bridging Specialties: The Role of Dental Practices in Comprehensive Cancer Treatment

The integration of root-cause analysis methods in dental practices is critical for enhancing patient care, particularly for cancer prevention and management. This scientific approach highlights the significant role of oral health in systemic disease, emphasizing its impact on cancer pathways. Dental interventions that prioritize cellular health can improve systemic outcomes and influence oncology patient care.

Oral-systemic health interconnectivity is crucial, with dental pathologies potentially serving as precursors or accelerators of oncological processes. Research illustrates that oral microbes and associated inflammatory responses can propagate systemic inflammation, affecting distant organ systems and modulating cancer risk and progression. The use of medical devices aimed at enhancing cellular health, combined with dietary and lifestyle modifications, represents a holistic strategy in dental care to mitigate these risks.

Holistic dental practice, encompassing a multidimensional health perspective, stresses the significance of oral health in systemic disease management, including cancer. This perspective necessitates a shift in dental professional roles towards integrated healthcare, positioning them as essential contributors to systemic health and cancer treatment.

Dental practices are pivotal in the holistic health framework, addressing the oral systemic health nexus to facilitate comprehensive patient care and support cancer prevention and treatment efforts. This approach underlines the importance of dental health in the broader context of systemic disease management and oncological care.

CV Resumido

– DDS, PhD and CEO at Maha Integrative Medicine & Ustna Medicina
– Biological Dentistry
– Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
From an early age, I developed a strong affinity for nature and a deep respect for the well-being of living organisms. These values, including the importance of clean water, a healthy environment, and the sanctity of life, have been integral to my character, requiring no persuasion or elaborate reasoning. Even during my high school years, I was determined to pursue a career in caring for people and their physical health. Over the years, my experiences have exposed me to diverse cultural and medical perspectives, while active participation in conferences has broadened my scientific insights beyond local boundaries. Valuing personal health and well-being greatly, I have actively contributed to the development of the holistic dentistry concept at the Maha Clinic since 2013. This endeavor aligns with my enduring childhood inclinations and complements the comprehensive approach of the Maha Center and the nutritional focus of Maha Bistro, all collectively dedicated to fostering a healthy future for individuals. My academic journey started at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, complemented by in-depth research on dental materials during my doctoral work at the International Postgraduate School of the Jožef Stefan Institute. This research culminated in the development of a groundbreaking bioactive mixture, certified and introduced to the dental profession just before the global pandemic. Through these experiences and my exposure to traditional medical systems, I have adeptly combined traditional and modern approaches to optimize health outcomes. I am grateful for the support of my mentors and colleagues, as well as the contributions of our international partners, notably in Switzerland, whose long-standing commitment to similar healthcare practices serves as a continual source of inspiration and collaboration.