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Meir Schneider


Bridging Specialties: The Role of Dental Practices in Comprehensive Cancer Treatment

Our work is to support the body for the purpose of preventing internal diseases, including cancer. We also wish to support the patient at all levels when he or she undergoes vigorous cancer treatment, and to continue helping them after the treatment, so they can recover as fully as possible. Basically, we work as a supportive treatment to benefit the patient at many different levels.

One keystone of our treatment is deep relaxation, which is the opposite of the tension most modern people feel all the time. It can be easily seen in the global pandemic of insomnia, heart disease, stomach upset, and many others. To our amazement, we have sometimes even seen tumors disappear as a result of bodywork and relaxation. One specific way our exercises help is by reducing chronic stress.

If stress causes us such harm, then why do we have it in our life? There are many reasons, and one of them is that we have an autonomic nervous system that is built for surviving the wilderness. It served us as humanity for two millions years, but our lifestyle is now much different than our ancient ancestors, and therefore it is time to change our mindset and be wary of our “fight or flight” response.

In the past, we assumed that people were naturally relaxed, and only become stressed when there is a danger or perceived danger that triggers the sympathetic response, known often as fight or flight. One such danger could be the possibility of a physical fight with another human, attack by wild animals, or excessive exposure to the elements. The stress response was immediate, the body’s response was immediate, and then relaxation naturally returned. Animals function on a similar system.

These days, the stress is long term. Because of that, we never are able to completely relax.

Being “keyed up” in this way is not something our nervous systems are capable of handling in a healthy way, and that can lead to real imbalances between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

In our exercises, we mimic stress response with constriction of our smooth muscles and sphincters, and intentionally bring up a great deal of tension. This is followed by letting it go completely. This has a profound relaxing and regenerative effect on the nervous system.

We also do many movements that improve circulation. Circulation is perhaps the most important factor in someone’s recovery from serious medical intervention.

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– Pioneer, Author, Educator, Therapist
– Founder of the School for Self-Healing

Meir Schneider overcame congenital blindness and developed an original self-healing approach of exercises to improve vision and increase brain flexibility.

Meir was born with congenital cataracts to deaf parents. He underwent five unsuccessful surgeries that left him with massive scar tissue. He was raised reading Braille until he discovered eye exercises at the age of 16. That helped him to develop vision, from 1% to 70%.  Now he can read, write and drive.

Through his own healing journey, developing his vision exercises, Meir discovered that the same principles, by which he gained functional vision, could also be applied to the entire body and to other people. Therefore, he developed his own regimen of bodywork and movement to complement the visual exercises and a new pathway to overall health.

In 1980, Meir founded the School for Self-Healing, a non-profit center in San Francisco, California, that offers educational programs, teaches people to realize their potential, to improve their health and overcome their disabilities. He teaches classes in Brazil, Israel and in many other countries.

He is the author of Movement for Self-Healing, Awakening your Power of Self-Healing and Vision for Life, Yoga for your Eyes (video), The Natural Vision Improvement Kit and Miracle Eyesight Method (audio).