Prof. Dr. Massimo Bonucci | 4th International Congress of Integrative Medicine
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Prof. Dr. Massimo Bonucci

Integrative Oncology


Integrative Oncology

CV Resumido

– Massimo Bonucci, M.D.
– Surgical Pathology- ORCHIDEA Lab in ROME
– Integrative Oncology Department – NUOVA VILLA CLAUDIA HOSPITAL – Rome
– Outpatient Oncology Department -VILLA ANNA MARIA Hospital – Rome
– Outpatient Oncology Department and Hyperthermia – VILLA BENEDETTA Hospital – Rome
– Founder and President Foundation ARTOI (Association Research for Integrative Oncology Therapy)
– Member of S.I.O. (American Society for Integrative Oncology)
– Co-chair SIO Global Committee
– Member of International Clinical Hyperthermia Society – Italian Network
– Member of International Association of Pathology – S.I.A.P.E.C. – Italian Division
– Member International Exchange Commission Order of Physicians of Rome
– Member of Medicine and Surgery Department – UniverSalus University Consortium – Rome
– Director of Integrative Oncology postgraduate program – UniverSalus University Consortium – Rome
– Visiting Professor Zhejiang Chinese Medical University – Hongzhou – China

Short Biography

Massimo Bonucci M.D. Member of Surgical Pathology ORCHIDEA Lab. in Rome. He is a member of IAP (International Academy of Pathology-Italian Division) and focused his work on breast cancer, brain cancer and colon cancer. He introduced and developed integrative medicine in cancer in Italy. Medical Oncologist works as Director Integrative Oncologist at Villa Benedetta, Tiberia Hospital, and Villa Anna Maria Hospitals in Rome. Director to project “Integrative Oncology” at S. Andrea University Hospital in Rome. Founder and President of Foundation ARTOI (Association Research Integrative Oncology Therapy), a non-profit organization, the first in Italy to explain and develop Integrative medicine in cancer. He is the Director and Professor of the UniverSalus University Consortium in Rome for the Master in Integrative Oncology of postgraduate program. Co-Director Master in Integrative Oncology at Sapienza University. Member of the International Exchange Commission Order of Physicians of Rome. Member of International Clinical Hyperthermia Society – Italian Network. He is Visiting Professor at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hongzhou, China. Member of SIO for more years, he becomes Co-chair of SIO Global Committee.