Prof Dr. Sinforiano Posadas | 4th International Congress of Integrative Medicine
ICIM 2023...

Prof Dr. Sinforiano Posadas

Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology


Value of Proteomic Analysis and its Therapeutic Applications in Regenerative Medicine. Advanced Therapies

In recent years, the considerable progress in Biomedicine, Nano Biotechnology, Cellular and Molecular Biology allows the establishment of new therapeutic approaches on a molecular scale based on personalised and precision medicine. In our laboratory we have designed an advanced biomolecular analysis based on the proteome that allows us to approach advanced therapies in a personalised way. These therapies are not giving excellent results with more than 1000 patients analysed and treated in
different pathologies including cancer, neurodegenerative, autoimmune, inflammatory, etc. In recent years, our knowledge of molecular diagnostics and advanced therapies has allowed us to develop protocols with high therapeutic efficacy in regenerative medicine. In the following presentation we explain these protocols with specific clinical cases and successful results that allow the clinician to assess the possibility of applying these strategies within tissue regeneration.

CV Resumido

Brief CV Dr. Sinforiano J. Posadas: Bachelor of Chemistry and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology (Summa Cum Laude by Unanimity). Extensive record of publications in high impact journals in the field of immunology / allergology, aging, hormones, cancer, vaccines, neurodegeneration, microbiology, some of them the best worldwide in their area and also Editor’s Choice, with an H index of 16 and more than 1000 citations to his works. More than 100 Communications, lectures, oral presentations to international and national congresses of different scientific / medical societies. Director and Principal Investigator and coinvestigator in numerous projects at the national and international level, both in regional and national programs (Ministry of Science / Universities and FIS Health Research Fund / Carlos III Institute), Europeos Feder, Horizonte, Biomed. Researcher FullBright / MEC and Juan de La Cierva, with postdoctoral stays in Switzerland, Rome, London and UCLA. Director
of R&D in the Biotech industry for more than 6 years. Member of various prestigious scientific and evaluation committees: FIS, ANEP, EQA, American Society of Physiology, American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, European Allergy and Clinical Immnunology, etc … International award / gold medal in the International Invention Hall / patents in Geneva 2019. Currently developing new advanced therapies, consulting, personalized molecular diagnosis and prevention.