Abstracts | 6th International Congress of Integrative Medicine
ICIM 2024...


Deadline for abstracts submission: September 15, 2024.

Deadline to communicate acceptance or rejection: September 30, 2024. 

Note: Abstracts should be submitted only through the online system available.
Submission link: https://api.leadconnectorhq.com/widget/form/nvrqWODNntG9iAm27O5r

Only original papers that have not been presented at other congresses or symposia or published in journals will be accepted. When submitting the abstract through the online system it will be indicated to which thematic area it is submitted.

Thematic Areas:


  1.      1.      Nutrition and Microbiota
  2.      2.      Technology and Innovation
  3.      3.      Sexuality and Age-Related Issues
  4.      4.      Healthy Living Practices
  5.      5.      Integrative Approaches for Cancer Diseases and Adverse Effects
  6.      6.      Education and Policies in Integrative Medicine
  7.      7.      Aesthetic Medicine and Oncology
  8.      8.      Veterinary Integrative Oncology
  9.      9.      Integrative Dentistry
  10.      10.      Regenerative medicine as future

The maximum number of authors per paper is limited to 10.

The Scientific Committee will evaluate all the papers submitted and reserves the right to choose the time slots.

Neither the name of the authors nor the origin of the study should appear in the title or text of the abstract. The scientific committee will evaluate the abstract without identification.

Abstracts will have a maximum of 350 words (excluding the title, authors, affiliations and bibliographical references). Abstracts exceeding the stipulated length will be automatically rejected.

No images or graphics are allowed.

Abstracts must be written in English. 

The abstract must not contain spelling or grammatical errors, as it will be reproduced exactly as it was submitted. At the congress, oral communications must be given in English. 

Clinical/research case summaries should follow the following structure: 

Introduction and Objective, Method, Results and Conclusion.

If bibliographical references are included, they must follow the Vancouver format and must not exceed a maximum of 5.

In the case of pharmaceutical products, phyto preparations and food supplements, it is not permitted to include their trade name, only the name of the active ingredient or the quantitative-qualitative composition of the phyto preparation or supplement.

Communications may not mention any commercial company or laboratory, nor may logos appear.

Submission of a communication to the congress implies acceptance of the rules of this call. 

The result of the Scientific Committee’s assessment of the papers will be final. 

The organization may reject any paper that does not comply with any of the above rules.


* A prize of €1.000 for the best oral communication;

* A prize of €500 for the second best oral communication;

* A prize of €250 for the third best oral communication.

Evaluation criteria

Abstracts will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  •      •      Originality and innovation
  •      •      Clarity and organization
  •      •      Methodology and scientific rigor
  •      •      Relevance to the subject area
  •      •      Quality of results and conclusions
  •      •      Potential impact on clinical practice or the research area.

The winning authors must be present at the closing ceremony to receive the award. The organization reserves the right not to award prizes if it considers that the work presented does not meet the required quality.